We will be selling a $150 permit for a full day pass, a $600 season pass where you can come as many times as you'd like from now until our tree selling season, or a $50 promo session for 1 hour in the month of October only.

 1. Fill out one of the forms located at the "Word" icon at the bottom of this page and email it to us at should receive a confirmation email.

2. You may pay the day of or you may mail us the payment prior if you wish. We accept cash & check year round and we accept credit & debit during the months of Nov-Dec ONLY.

3. On the day of your scheduled session you (the photographer) will come up to the South side of the house (or up to one of us if we are outside working) to pay if you haven't already and pick up your photographer permit.

4. Please place the sign near the area that you will be working in so that your clients can find you easily. 

5. When you are finished please return the sign to one of us or place it in our sales area.

6. Tag us on social media! We love to see all the pictures taken at the farm! 

Click on the Word icon to fill out the contract and email it to us at least 24 hours prior to the day you plan on coming to the farm! Thank you!

The photos above were taken at the farm by: Lindsey Moore Photography