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We must protect the health and safety of our employees; provide customers with the confidence they need so they can enjoy selecting a tree without risk and conduct our business responsibly in accordance with local official’s guidance.  There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted on plants or plant products.  (Source: Cornell Cooperative Extension/New York State Integrated Pest Management).


PHOTOGRAPHERS:  It is your responsibility to practice social distancing and/or wear masks with your customers and properly sanitize your props or other items before they are used for another customer.  We allow you use of our farm for your photo sessions, but we are not responsible or liable for any negligence on your part as they are your customers.



  1.  We will frequently sanitize items and areas such as hand saws, tree cart handles, counter tops, door handles and restroom.

  2. We will supply no touch garbage receptacles.

  3. We will limit the number of customers permitted inside the ornament and tree stand sales area and require the use of a mask.

  4. We offer individual sanitized ink pens for signatures when needed for credit card use.

  5. We will ask customers if they want us to tie trees to their vehicles. We will be wearing gloves.



  1.  We will take staff temperatures daily, provide PPE for all employees and will not permit staff exhibiting symptoms of illness to come to work.

  2. We encourage customers to visit during non-peak hours.

  3. We will reserve the right to deny service to anyone displaying signs of illness or not following farm guidelines.

  4. We will have sanitizing stations available to staff and customers.

  5. We recommend masks be worn by those able to without adverse health impacts (especially in the sales building).

  6. We require masks be worn when social distancing is not possible.

  7. We will offer disposable masks if requested.



  1.  We have discussed procedures with staff to keep employees safe.

  2. We have trained staff on new procedures to keep customers safe.

  3. We ask that no visitors be at the farm if ill or had contact with someone ill with COVID-19.

Surgical Mask
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